Banks Integration provides scalable automation solutions that are shaping the future of life sciences manufacturing. 

Scaling up your ability to produce world-changing products like pharmaceuticals or alternative proteins is exciting, 但是困难. Collaboration is key: especially collaboration with an expert automation partner like Banks Integration.

We specialize in scaling — scaling up your production through rock-solid automation 集成 and scaling down your problems via our collaborative process. After 25 years working with innovators in America’s beating heart of experimentation and discovery, we’ve seen enough great outcomes to guide you there.

Banks Integration is part of the 电子科技集团, a collection of trailblazing automation, 集成, and engineering firms stretching from coast to coast.


You represent the future, and we’re here to support your growth. Our industrial capabilities focus on automating, 验证, and scaling your production lines so you can focus on changing the world.

Your facility is facing increasing demand and strict regulatory standards, both of which require a consistent and proactive approach to manufacturing processes. As labor shortages place strain on the industrial sector, process automation is paramount. Banks Integration offers the following process automation capabilities: 

  • Specifications: URS, FS, SDS, HDS 
  • 连续 & 批处理过程控制 
  • PlantPAx Logix Batch Sequence Manager (LBSM) 
  • Software Development: PLC/DCS/HMI/PC/Custom 
  • Database programming and reporting 
  • 安全电路设计 
  • 电气设计 
  • 仪表 
  • 文档 
  • 制造 
  • 网络 & 数据通信 
  • 项目管理 
  • Turnkey Project Implementation 
  • 暂存 & 模拟 
  • 启动 & 调试 
  • 培训 
  • 虚拟化 

Stellar material handling is the foundation of a reliable production line. Staying ahead in your competitive industry means moving products and raw materials through the process efficiently, and Banks Integration’s material handling solutions will help you get there. We offer turnkey solutions, as well as system upgrades, to bolster your order fulfillment.  

Our material handling solutions include: 

  • Balance of Plant, Integration 
  • 机器安全 
  • 包装5959cc威尼斯官网 
  • 运动控制 
  • 物料搬运5959cc威尼斯官网 
  • Legacy upgrades, PLC-2, PLC-5, DCS 
  • 遗留转换验证器 
  • 条形码5959cc威尼斯官网 

Control system errors and misalignments are costly, disrupting production timelines and employee workflow. Our engineers help you stay ahead of these errors by improving your control system validation systems. Whether retrofitting a system or designing your processes from scratch, we choose the right technology for your industry goals and standards.  

Our control system validation offerings include: 

  • GAMP5: Risk-based assessment.
  • 生物技术: Fermentation, recovery systems, waste systems, autoclaves, lyophilizers, HTST.
  • 药品:镀膜机, 混合的坦克, 激光钻井, 制粒机, 表压, 米尔斯, 搅拌机, transdermal pouch assemblies 
  • Utilities: PW and WFI water systems, CIP, distribution systems, HVAC systems
  • 21 CFR第11部分 

When manufacturing essential products, downtime is not an option. You need an IT infrastructure that you can rely on day and night. The experts at Banks Integration provide industry-specific information and IT solutions to keep your operations secure and operational. Our comprehensive information technology services include: 

  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) 
  • 信息5959cc威尼斯官网,OEE 
  • 冗余服务器 
  • 基于服务器的虚拟化 
  • Gateway to PLC Networks (DH+/ControlNET to Ethernet) 
  • Photo/Video identification systems 
  • Web-based reporting (VantagePoint) 
  • 历史学家数据库 


Banks Integration is proud to guide our industrial partners into the future. Contact our experts today to discuss your projects and goals.